Solar Light Trailers

Solar Light Trailer turns on automaticallySolar Light Trailer uses no fossil fuels
Raptor Solar Light Trailer

No fossil fuel

Multiple options

Deploys in minutes

Works in any climate

Superior broad area lighting

12-hour automatic operation

Four high intensity adjustable lamps deliver quality lighting (13,000 lumens) to any project in remote areas where access to the grid and diesel fuel is problematic.

Once deployed, the Raptor Solar Light Trailer is pre-programmed to turn on and off automatically. The Raptor's perfectly sized battery system ensures 12 full hours of worry-free operation regardless of weather conditions.

A variety of options, including infrared and stand-mount task lights make the Raptor Solar Light Trailer a versatile, cost-effective solution in the field or on the flight line. Selected by the USMC for use in Afghanistan, the Raptor is ideal for check points, inspection stations, and for providing security lighting along perimeters.

Fielded in clusters and supported by NEST's SOLIS-EM, Raptors can be monitored and managed from remote command posts anywhere in the world. For complete details, contact NEST Energy, or see the Raptor at FEMA's Responder Knowledge Base website: www.RKB.US